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If a person's wallet was stolen, how would that person obtain copies?

First form of ID is your credit / debit cards. You can usually get replacements sent to your house within a couple of days with just a phone call. In the UK, next is proof of National Insurance number - available online by answering questions about yourself. Then you can purchase copies of your birth certificate with some knowledge (and paying the charge) online. Get a couple of copies as some organisations like to see an original. Passport is the best form of ID. Youll need a photo signed off by someone in authority who knows you, but there are lots of people theyll accept. Plus form and money. Give them time, they will get round to you. Driving licence is from: Replace a lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed driving licence For season tickets, contact the organisation. Dont be embarrassed - you are the tenth person who has lost their ticket that day. They are well used to it. Take a photo (or scan) of everything, so you can send the scans to people who need them, and you can look up the numbers (and other details) on them. Get a fire-proof safe and put the master copies of everything in there. Some can be embedded in the ground, only found after rolling up a corner of carpet. So only you know where it is.

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