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For someone that has nothing , how can one obtain an SSC, birth?

Most ID questions are local, so when asking, specify the jurisdiction. The birth certificate is a good place to start. One trick there is that a close relative (exactly which depends on the jurisdiction) can get one for you; a parent always can, and a sibling often can. In California, you can bring two people with ID who will swear who you are to a notary, and then that application will get you an authorized copy of you birth certificate. Tackle the drivers license/state ID next. If you know your social security number, many states can verify it without the card. If you were never assigned a social security number, just say that. Youll need to prove state residence which can be accomplished with a bank statement and a rental agreement. With the birth certificate and the State ID, you can order a first time or replacement social security card. Thats the outline, but obviously there are many exceptions and special cases, and every jurisdiction is different. Here is a CDC link to all the state vital records agencies:

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